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18444 N 25th Ave 420
Phoenix AZ 85023


Phoenix: 623-594-1605
Toll Free: 866-488-5457



Do you need a DNA Test?

Debating wether you’re the father puts an emotional toll on a relationship. You may need to prove to the father of your child that he is, indeed the father. A paternity test will solve these problems. You need to know the truth. iTest DNA promises DNA Results You Can Trust.

Why Choose iTest DNA

iTest DNA is an industry leader in DNA Testing. We’re working to provide you with an answer to life’s toughest question - are we related? As an A+ BBB company we are trustworthy and highly rated. We are recommended by attorneys and the Maricopa Superior Court.

All laboratory testing is performed by an AABB accredited laboratory. Each DNA testing case is unique and we guarantee professional DNA Case Management services. Our case managers are AABB Certified DNA Collectors.

Get a DNA Test

Call 623-594-1605 to schedule an appointment. iTest DNA has offices in Phoenix, it’s surrounding cities and nationwide. iTest DNA offers legal and private testing options. Legal Paternity DNA tests must be collected by a certified collector. iTest DNA also offers DNA @Home testing. We can send you a kit and you can collect the samples on your own.

Results are released by email, text message and US Mail. For court ordered cases and immigration DNA testing, results are sent directly to the requesting facility. Standard testing time for paternity is 2-3 days. iTest DNA also offers 1 DAY test results. Extended testing may be necessary for sibling analysis, secret samples and in cases of low or degraded DNA.

Our Phoenix offices take appointments Monday to Friday 8-7, and on a pre scheduled basis on weekends. Our rates are flat. We accept cash and card. Financing and Invoicing are available.

EASY and Efficient

Your case is opened, managed and closed by a single person. When you call you’ll speak to a DNA scientist who will help you choose a test that is best for you. Your dedicated DNA scientist will set up your appointment and if you choose to be collected at one of our three offices you’ll meet them at your appointment. Meeting the person you are talking to face to face is a novel experience in today’s digital age, we know. But we like it. At your appointment your dedicated DNA scientist will collect your samples and help you fill out your paperwork. When your results are ready you will receive them directly from that same person! If you call at any time with questions our state of the art phone system will route your call directly to your DNA scientist. It’s EASY because you really should only have to deal with one person.


Our current flat rates are listed here. There are no hidden fees. In most cases shipping is included but if it’s not we PROMISE to tell you up front. We also accept very easy payment plans. For information on a payment plan click here to view the terms. All appointments require a low deposit of $50. If we miss your appointment we’ll not only refund your money we’ll pay you $25.


We’d love to tell you all about the 99% accuracy buzz here, but we’d be lying, and we don’t do that. Instead we’ll make a proclamation. We’ve never been wrong. We’ve never mixed anything up and we don’t plan to in the future. The truth about DNA testing accuracy is that it’s all in your DNA. The accuracy of a DNA test is a statistic. And over 99% of all statistics are made up on the spot, including the statistic that I just made up. There is another more important result on a DNA test that we’d be glad to explain. Feel free to give us a call, and we can discuss accuracy in a way that doesn’t include percentages.

We started in Arizona and we're staying in Arizona. Your DNA test never leaves the state. iTestDNA serves all of Arizona including Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Surprise, El Mirage, Avondale, Laveen, Buckeye, Anthem, Cave Creek, Page, Prescott, Winslow, Williams, Flagstaff, Tuba City, Queen Creek, Maricopa, Tucson, Nogales and more.