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Private Paternity Testing

$180 DNA Test

Private DNA tests are debatably court admissible. DNA samples are self collected at home. You save money because a certified DNA collector is not collecting your DNA samples. This test is our low cost option. For information on our DNA test cost please contact us at 623-594-1605.

DNA Paperwork

Using a DNA submission form you will list the following information:

You are not required to list any other identification information

Informed Consent

You will read the terms of service. If you have any questions about these terms you should contact an iTest DNA scientist at 623-594-1605. When you are certain you understand the terms you will then sign the informed consent.

Sample Envelopes

DNA samples will be placed in envelopes, before DNA collection be sure to label a single envelope for each person being tested with their name. For example, if you are collecting a mother, child and alleged father. Label three different envelopes with a different person's name on each envelope.

DNA Sample Instructions

DNA sample collections should be performed exactly according to directions. The DNA sample collector will remove one sterile swab from it's wrapper. Each wrapper will contain 2 swabs. The DNA collector will then rub a single swab on the inside cheek of the donor for more than 30 seconds. The sample is invisible and painless. The DNA collector is removing skin from the inside of the donor's mouth. Your skin contains DNA. Your skin naturally sheds and regrows very quickly. The collector is collecting the skin that you would naturally shed. This is not a saliva test.

After completing the process with the first swab the collector places the swab directly into the previously labeled envelope. The DNA collector repeats the process until two to four swabs are collected.The DNA collector repeats the process for each person being tested.

Do Not Mix Samples

DNA Samples from only one individual should be placed in each envelope. Each envelope should have a different persons swabs in it.