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Avuncular Testing

At times the alleged father is not available. iTest DNA can compare the Father’s brother or sister to the child to determine their relationship. Using the father’s brother or sister is called avuncular testing. Avuncular testing is accurate and easy. Adding the mother to an avuncular test is highly recommended and mothers test for free.

Avuncular DNA testing can be conducted privately in home, privately at a testing facility or legally at a testing facility. Pricing will vary based on collection location and documentation requirements. Samples collected at a facility are guaranteed and accurate.

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Avuncular DNA Testing is based on two key ideas.
  1. Is the child's mother being tested?
  2. What are the genders of the child in question and will you test an aunt or uncle?

It is very important that every effort be made to include the child's mother in testing.

iTestDNA offers the following DNA tests:

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