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DNA Paternity Testing 15 Years of Industry Leadership

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Testing Options

Home DNA testing is our lowest cost Paternity test. Save money and time by easily collecting your own DNA samples in the privacy of your home. Get a DNA Test Kit today! Buy online, pick up your test kit or receive it by mail, then return samples and paperwork. Receive digital results in as fast as 1 business day.

Private DNA testing provides personal knowledge documentation of biological relationships. Testing is conducted in our AABB accredited and certified laboratories. Our DNA Case Management team are AABB and NADCM Certified.

iTest DNA offers services to parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents and other relatives. Learn more

Sibling DNA testing provides proof of a sibling relationship. Siblings share one or more common parents. This test is useful when the father is unavailable to participate. Includes Mother(s) in testing for Free. The most accurate testing scenarios will include the mother.

If you share the same mother your test is called full siblings v half siblings. Clients with two different mothers are half v unrelated siblings. We employ and advanced testing method and have the ability to run additional DNA tests to increase the accuracy of your test results at no additional cost to you.

Secret DNA testing involves obtaining an item, such as a toothbrush, ear wax, razor etc. from a child or father and testing it instead of a buccal swab.

Our Secret DNA test cost for paternity is $350 for testing at 21+ genetic locations. This advanced more accurate testing option includes 2 secret DNA samples or a swab and secret sample. Get rush results in as little as 2-3 days.

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"We refer all of our paternity clients to iTest DNA. Their staff is very professional."

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Guaranteed DNA Testing

Feature 1

DNA Test Guarantee

We guarantee our DNA testing results are 100% accurate or we will offer a refund. A written guarantee of testing is listed within our Privacy Promise. We provide identity verification for all tests collected by our AABB certified collectors for legal purposes.

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Convenient DNA Options

Schedule an appointment at one of our 5 valley locations or receive a DNA Test kit by mail in as little as 1 day. Are you located in Phoenix? You can stop by one of our centers and pick up a test kit today. Testing options include private paternity, legal paternity, sibling DNA, grandparent DNA, secret DNA and more.

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Accurate DNA Testing

DNA testing is the most accurate method for determining a biological relationship such as paternity. When a 100% accurate DNA profile is obtained from the tested parties an outcome of 99% for inclusions and 0% inclusions are a YES and NO result respectively. iTest DNA suggests adding the Mother for the most accurate results.

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We are DNA professionals. Our laboratories are fully accredited and certified by the AABB, ANAB, ASCLD, CAP, CLIA, and more. Our DNA case management team are AABB and NADCM certified. Our committment is to accurate and affordable DNA Results You Can Trust.